It is amazing the depth of nonsense, rot and trash in this thread. This is 
an indication of how utterly worthless religion is when it comes to 
understanding even the most minimal of things.

There is a basic reason why Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine. He and 
his cronies have stolen everything they can steal. It is similar to the 
Argentine strongman Gaultier, who with his cronies had looted the Argentine 
economy to the bone. So to distract public attention away from their crimes 
Gaultier decided that taking the Falklands from Britain was a great idea. A 
victory of that sort would buoy up his standing and ..., yeah it did not 
work. Putin's invasion of Ukraine was meant to do just the same, and the 
outcome does not look too different.

The fall of the Soviet Union did not displace people in charge. All they 
did was to tear up their communist party cards, and the commissars of 
various industries declared themselves capitalists and owners. They became 
the oligarchs of Russia and these gangsters have been plundering Russia 
ever since. The Russian economy has barely muddled along for the last 3 
decades. Putin is probably the second most wealthy man in the world.

Please folks, knock off the religious rubbish. I see absolutely no reason 
to think there exist any form of disembodied conscious agent. This is 
whether it is YHVH, Jesus, Allah, Vishnu, or ..., including angels, demons, 
demiurges, spirits or immortal souls that exists in some nonphysical form. 
This is not about being pagan as Ben has it; no I do not believe in that 
crap either,



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