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>> Forget the Ukraine war, forget climate change, forget Donald Trump, I
>> now think GPT-4 is by far the most world shaking event and the most
>> underreported one.  Many of us have been talking about the singularity for
>> decades, but now it looks like we're on its doorstep. You've got to look at
>> this video!
>> 4 Tests Reveal Bing (GPT 4) ≈ 114 IQ (last test is nuts)
>> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFvDJnf0GXs&list=PLYXp_rV1HrBAOZqPJTOSo91275hKQrfpl&index=13>
> *> One crucial question here is: did the GPT 4 training set include tests
> like the ones being solved?*

I don't know, GPT-4 is trained on a huge amount of data so probably, but
why is that a crucial question?  When human beings take an IQ test that is
almost certainly NOT the first test they've ever had, and like GPT-4 humans
are also trained on a huge amount of data, without it neither you nor GPT-4
would even know how to read the questions.  And speaking of that, in one of
those 4 tests humans had deliberately written the questions in such a
convoluted way that it was difficult to even know what the question was,
much less find the answer,  but GPT-4 got it right nevertheless.  And
although GPT-4 can input graphs and diagrams the version that was taking
the 4 different IQ tests could not, so whenever an IQ problem contained one
of those GPT-4 was automatically marked as getting the answer wrong, and
yet even with that severe handicap and even with being unable to contact
the Internet it STILL managed to get an IQ of 114 !  And if you had told me
in 2021 that a machine would be capable of doing that in 2023 I would've
said you were crazy.

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