On Mon, 2009-11-30 at 19:59 +0000, Ross Burton wrote:
> Considering that e-d-s master has just been ported to DBus, and
> evolution has just had Bonobo removed, I really recommend that you run
> the gnome-2-28 branches of the GNOME modules.  Running master means
> you acknowledge that stuff may well be broken, and the Evolution
> modules are known to be broken (and being fixed) in lots of
> interesting ways. 

That may be true, but (a) all my IMAP accounts are (so far) working OK,
and (b) I had essentially identical behavior in my MAPI account when I
built the latest gnome-2.28 branches of these packages (I didn't have
the "missing subject" problem but all the rest of the issues were the
same, and I think the "missing subject" problem is due to some kind of
glitch in the initial download of the folder data).

So, I don't think the MAPI problems can be laid at the feet of the
current churn in master.

I chose master because, first, the fixes to the critical bugs that
allowed both my entire Exchange Inbox AND my entire Exchange Contacts
list to be deleted from the server by Evo without so much as a warning
were checked into the master branch first, and it was a week or more
with no sign of them being checked into the 2.28 branch.  I think they
have been now.

And second, because I figured developers would be happier about trying
to fix issues on the current master branch rather than do bugfixing and
development on the older branch.

I want MAPI support to actually _work_ in Gnome 2.30.  If that means
running bleeding edge code I'm willing to do that.  If developers prefer
that I test on gnome-2.28 to avoid the overlapping change hassle that's
fine too.  Whatever helps most.

PS. I was struck by running "ps -aef | grep evo" and seeing _NOTHING_
except the actual evolution binary there... bizarre!

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