On Wed, 2009-12-16 at 01:10 -0500, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> Did you have a scheme in mind for how to partition the mbox files into
> subdirectories?  One possibility might be to use a similar approach as
> CamelDataCache.  That is, take the last two (or three?) digits of the
> MD5 checksum of the Message-ID and file the message into a subdirectory
> of that name.  That should give you a relatively even distribution and
> the mbox file can be easily be located once you have its Message-ID.

If work is done for this (which I would absolutely love to see) then
could the root location of emails/account folders be made configurable
so I can tie mine up to an XDG Emails directory?

The more user data out of configuration directories, the better. User
visible, indexable by outside services, etc.

Martin Owens,

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