> > I thought of bring this in this list to gather more opinions to choose
> > the right one. The approach #2 seems a better one as we are choosing a
> > way for storing the messages internally in evo. Are we missing to see
> > anything while we choose the second one ?
> > One advantage which I see with #1 is that its a standard way.
> You store everything as mbox only still. But one mbox file per mail,
> distributed in multiple subdirs.

This sounds very much like the format the Cyrus IMAPd server uses

>  Ofcourse you dont want 100K files inone folder

Since the advent of dirindex in ext3 this isn't such a big issue
anymore.  Large directories are pretty fast.  It used to be a *huge*
problem for Cyrus server admins.

> , which could move the bottleneck to a different place.
> Distribute under multi-level subfolders or something like that.

Cyrus calls that 'directory hashing'.

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