Amen. The other consideration you should look at is will you filter e-mails
that are really business related, but for whatever reason appear to be spam.
This blocks legitimate mail and could possibly lose you business. Example:

Dear Sirs,

My name is Dick Cheney and I am the President of a 18 year old company based
in Sussex. Our company is a manufacturer of clothing and toys for young
women and girls. We have two manufacturing facilities, one located in Essex
and the other next to our offices Sussex. We also have 20 remote sales
locations located around the world including Japan, Korea, Russia and the
Philippines. Our Asian market is particularly important to us as they
produce millions of dollars in revenue yearly!! We are looking to contact
you about the possibilities of saving money on our manufacturing costs and
enlarging our facilities. This would be a large investment on our part with
the provider we choose and are looking to partner with someone for the long
term. Could you please have one of your salespersons call us as soon as
possible on this? I can be reached at 555-1212 anytime during the day.

Thank you,

(I'll let you know how many filters I set off.)

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> Subject:      RE: Trend e-manager opinions/caveats/complexity?
> I have evaluated Trend's E-Manager at one point in time.  It works ok, but
> not as comprehensive or flexible as MailSweeper.  Take a look at Praetor
> as
> well.
> Content filtering is a losing battle in my opinion.  You will be chasing
> an
> ever so mobile optimum point where you block the most amount of spam while
> blocking the least amount of non-spam mail.  
> The whole thing boils down to user education.  The ONLY way you can reduce
> spam is to tell your users NOT to use their email accounts anywhere
> outside
> the organization.  This means no comments to stories on, no
> forwarding of chainmails, not using their corporate email id to bid on
> auctions on eBay etc. etc.  Content filtering will buy you only so much.
> Without user education it'll just make spam a bigger headache for you.
> Your
> users will become triple frustrated when they receive spam when they know
> you have a content filtering package in place, and let me reassure you
> that
> no content filter is 100% accurate.  Your users WILL receive uce even if
> you
> have the most aggressive filter in place.
> S.
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> Subject: Trend e-manager opinions/caveats/complexity?
> Hello all,
> We are looking at getting Trend's E-Manager content filter as an add on to
> our Scanmail a/v product to start screening out spam. If you have or are
> using E-Manager for Scanmail could you let me know if you would recommend
> for or against it and if there are any caveats I need to be aware of? I
> have
> searched my archives of this list for E-Manager and not found much other
> than some people who use it and one person who noted an issue but never
> mentioned what it turned out to be due to. I also searched just on content
> filtering and spam filtering among others but still didn't see all the
> info
> I am after.
> We are running Exchange 5.5 SP4 and ScanMail 3.5 on WinNT4 in a single
> domain. Although this quarter I plan to get the domain up to Win2k so if
> there are issues with Win2k I'd like to know that too. The price for
> E-Manager is in our range whereas Mailsweeper etc appear not to be and I
> am
> very happy with our Scanmail product but want to get a feel for any issues
> with E-Manager.
> I also am curious as to the time it takes to baby sit this. If those of
> you
> using content scanning software (particularly E-Manager but it's probably
> similar for all of them) could estimate how much time is required to sort
> out the non-spam mail that gets caught in the filters and see that it is
> forwarded on to the user it was intended for that would be a big help. I'm
> guessing that it takes a bit of tuning of the filters to minimize that but
> I've no idea if I'm talking about adding a 5 minutes a week task to my job
> or a 5 hours a week (or more) task.
> Thanks very much,
> Ronni
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