Hello all,

We are looking at getting Trend's E-Manager content filter as an add on to
our Scanmail a/v product to start screening out spam. If you have or are
using E-Manager for Scanmail could you let me know if you would recommend
for or against it and if there are any caveats I need to be aware of? I have
searched my archives of this list for E-Manager and not found much other
than some people who use it and one person who noted an issue but never
mentioned what it turned out to be due to. I also searched just on content
filtering and spam filtering among others but still didn't see all the info
I am after.

We are running Exchange 5.5 SP4 and ScanMail 3.5 on WinNT4 in a single
domain. Although this quarter I plan to get the domain up to Win2k so if
there are issues with Win2k I'd like to know that too. The price for
E-Manager is in our range whereas Mailsweeper etc appear not to be and I am
very happy with our Scanmail product but want to get a feel for any issues
with E-Manager.

I also am curious as to the time it takes to baby sit this. If those of you
using content scanning software (particularly E-Manager but it's probably
similar for all of them) could estimate how much time is required to sort
out the non-spam mail that gets caught in the filters and see that it is
forwarded on to the user it was intended for that would be a big help. I'm
guessing that it takes a bit of tuning of the filters to minimize that but
I've no idea if I'm talking about adding a 5 minutes a week task to my job
or a 5 hours a week (or more) task.

Thanks very much,


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