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> > The reason you can't have a decent discussion about Maharishi's teaching is 
> > that you were never trained in it.  So your perspective is like talking to 
> > someone at an intro lecture from the 70's.  I find it very odd that someone 
> > so obviously committed to this teaching would never take the time to get 
> > beneath the most superficial perspective and take the many higher level 
> > intellectual courses offered.  You took the intellectually lazy route and 
> > it shows up in every discussion.  Combined with your combative nature it 
> > makes you appear very dull, distracted by any insignificant detail that you 
> > make a federal case about so you can get back to your routine of yelling at 
> > strangers on the Internet.
> The unpleasant truth for Curtis&TheTurq ofcourse is that
> every Meditator and every Sidha has access to all of of
> Maharishi's teaching, excluding the mantras. Always had.

I don't know whether that's really the case, Nabs.

> When Curtis gets really upset and insecure, when his huge
> Ego that want's to "call into question the whole goal of
> the yoga systems including TM", he hides behind "I know
> more than Judy because I was a teacher". Total crap of
> course, nonsense taken to new hights, a sign of someone
> REALLY lost on arguments. 
> It's the same technique the Turq uses against Judy when
> he gets really, really desperate, when his buttons has
> been pushed so hard he doesn't know what to do anymore;
> he draws the same lame argument that Curtis draws now.
> If the spelling is correct the word for this behaviour

I agree that their behavior is pathetic, but I don't think
things are quite so cut-and-dried as you make them here.

I do have a better-than-average (as opposed to "superficial")
grasp of what rank-and-file TMers and Sidhas are taught
(better than some teachers, in fact, based on their posts).

My familiarity with what teachers are taught that is *not*
taught to the rank-and-file, however, is limited to the
various beans that TM teachers (mostly former) have
spilled in the TM forums I've been on, so I would never
claim to have anything like complete knowledge of that
(and I have no way of knowing how accurate the spilled
beans are with regard to what Maharishi actually said).

But it's beyond ridiculous for Barry and/or Curtis to
pull the "I was a teacher and you weren't" bit when the
topic is what the rank-and-file are taught. And it's
nothing short of maliciously mendacious for Barry to
claim that I've been "trying [my] best to pretend that
the reality of the TMO and the things it teaches are
the same as that presented in the intro lectures."

Barry knows that isn't so; Curtis knows it was
absolutely not so in our discussion, but he refuses to
acknowledge this because he doesn't want to risk losing
Barry's support.

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