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> So true and don't either of you forget it! From now on, you have to go 
> through me to get to my sweet innocent Baby Krishna Ravi. If you wish to 
> respond to Him, you must ask me first. I'll then consult with Him in due time 
> to see if He would like to even pursue your line of discussion. If He chooses 
> not to, then no reason to even post your comments in the first place. A very 
> efficient and effective use of His precious time. And please try to 
> remember...
I understand that you, Laughinggull, are now manning the ticket counter access 
to His Presence the Magisterial Royal Mahaswami Ravi Chivukula Guruji 
Mahatmaraja, beneath whom I am not fit to sweep even His Toe Nail Clippings. 
Pray tell upon what condition His Infiniteness might deign to drop a few crumbs 
of His Holy and Benign Darshan in my unworthy direction. Perhaps in a moment of 
His most offhand attention He would feel it barely tolerable to pass a kernel 
of His Most High Wisdom through you to us most thirsty and groveling, 
sycophantic worshipers of His Greatness.

Perhaps you could collect a few grains left over from one of His Chapatis, that 
we could build a shrine to house them and perpetuate their Divine and most 
Humble power.

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