For someone like Guilio Tononi and his Integrated Information Theory, ALL 
possible states that a conscious entity can be in are qualia, contentless or 

So you first have to decide what a qualia is at some deeper physiological level 
before you can answer the question.

Currently, qualia are thought to be associated with activity of the feedback 
loops between the cortex and the thalamus. The current theory of how PC works 
is that TM helps set up/enhance a filtering system in the thalamus that allows 
the brain to maintain alertness while reducing the feedback loops to a minimum, 
thereby reducing qualia towards zero.

There's no direct evidence of this that I am aware of, because it would require 
using brain imaging hardware that costs more than the entire worth of MUM to 
purchase and maintain, on people with regular PC episodes (up to $6 million for 
the equipment, and there's a reason why they charge $1000+ per test -it's 
expensive to run, also).

And thus, the difficulty: Tononi's model can't conceive of qualia being 
non-existent, and to acknowledge that, he'd have to change definitions or the 
definition of qualia needs to be changed, or something.

Other non-TM models of brain functioning and qualia have similar issues: PC 
just doesn't enter their world-view when devising their models.

So, until definitions firm up, its hard to ask, letalone answer, the question.


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> > Does someone in PC experience qualia?
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> > It's a tricky question to ask, letalone answer.
> Not if you're talking about PC-by-itself during
> meditation, no thoughts, no mantra. Why tricky?

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