Dave Matthews, Ian Anderson, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and Joni 
Mitchell, all come to mind. Petty is probably my personal favorite, overall. 
U2, REM and Beatles for "bardish" *bands*.

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> > For the bard, however, the request inspires another 
> > kind of koan. The crowd has asked for a tale, and you
> > have many. Which is the appropriate one to tell tonight?
> > How will you manage to tell it in such a way as to
> > cause everyone in the audience to believe that it is
> > the first and only time you have ever told this tale?
> > 
> > Because -- from the bard's side -- that is the magic
> > of telling stories. Every one is new. Even if you have
> > told it a thousand times before.
> Unless, of course, you've told it a thousand times
> before to the same crowd (and they never asked for
> it in the first place).

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