meruda, Joseph Campbell! That's who I meant by whats his face. The follow your 
bliss fellow. Didn't he explain that these universal stories enliven deep brain 
structures? Of course Carl Jung said something along those lines but a little 
different, writing about the collective unconscious. Anyway, it's all to do 
with our bodies, the rhythms of our heart beat, the coursing of the blood in 
our veins, the breathing in and out at different paces at different times. 
These rhythms are essential not only to the obvious art form, music, but I 
think to all the art forms, even the strictly visual like paintings and 
sculpture. The rhythms of light and dark, broad stroke and delicate stroke, the 
undulations of materials making peaks and valleys. All these rhythms sing to 
us. Or they don't. Do you remember that Maharishi once said that in the AofE 
even poetry writing would be scientific?!

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right) book on screenwriting

Oh my dear sunshine
What a Stroke of Insight Speech.What a culmination of all the thoughts and 
experiences I have had up to this very moment.
Reading this new neural pathways are forged, my neuroplasti-cied brain is 
changing and  subtle altered.
C'mon give me more , Ann. You know with repetition only this  delightful 
pathway you created in me  will and can  be strengthened

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> snip
> I wonder how many directors created their films in order to fire up the
> neuronal pathways of their viewers. I can see it now, Oscar speech: "And
> I want to credit my life-long desire to create a firing of neuronal
> pathways within the brains of my audience as the primary force behind my
> creative endeavors. May your neurons be forever stimulated, especially
> when I make a sequel to my current, award-winning picture. And a special
> thanks goes to my mom who was instrumental in creating my own neuronal
> pathways."
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