I get that, Alex. I am familiar with the technique Rory uses for his own 
integration, and I support it, for him. However, even his inner consideration, 
leading him to his self-abuse, can only go so far. 

Internal knowledge runs dry at some point. At that point, it is time to figure 
out where the disconnect is, and directly check in with the "problem 
particles". Seems like he got caught in a self-referential loop. I know he 
wasn't trying to do long distance anything.    

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> > "Holding the two of you in my heart was essentially self-abuse (and
> > not the fun kind); it actually has hurt like hell, and I hope I won't
> > make that mistake in a hurry again."
> > 
> > Hi Rory, What are you doing in the passage above? Number one, you
> > can't heal people in the way you are talking about, without their
> > permission. I am just curious what you were doing - my question is
> > genuine, and not rhetorical.
> I think there's a serious misunderstanding going on here. Rory is NOT trying 
> to heal other people. As I understand him, from the perspective that there is 
> no difference between the inner and outer, he is healing the outer as it 
> resides in the inner. He's not trying to broadcast distance healing Rory-woo 
> at other people.

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