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> > > I think you may have actually been *jealous* of my
> > > admiration of Robin. You thought I should be admiring
> > > *you*. Remember all your "love-bombing"? So you
> > > figured you needed to tear him down to "correct" my
> > > opinion of him.
> >
> > Oh, you really believe this?
> In English, "I think" and "you may have" are not expressions
> of certainty, as in "really believe."
> > my god, Judy, you gave me the laugh of the day. You really
> > descend into the rabbit hole, don't you? Any more similar
> > insights? I am starting to enjoy it.
> Well, I'll share with you what gave me the idea:
> "Judy, your post was brilliant, and I never had a doubt that
> your intellect is among the sharpest here."--zarzari, #298524
> "Judy, already there was so much praise about this post of
> yours, and I agree with that! that I hardly dare to answer
> you."--zarzari, #298541
> "Just imagine, you got a new lover, with whom you are deeply in
> romantic love, and after three years you notice, that he is
> utterly stupid, and you can't even talk to him, because he
> wouldn't even understand. What a shame for somebody with your
> brilliant intellect."--zarzari, #298541

  ^^^ post #298541

> "This is a very clear and beautiful explanation here Judy."
> --zarzari, #299795
> That last quote is from right before your exchange with
> Barry about Robin's mental health. IOW, up until I became
> angry with you over that, you were practically sucking my
> toes.
> I thought all that extreme flattery was pretty amusing at
> the time. And when I came across it again as I was looking
> for something else relevant to this current discussion, it
> was a huge LOL. Back then I hadn't connected it with your
> attacks on Robin, but it sure does fit, given what you've
> told me this time around about the ways you've gone after
> him--including in the Great Misattribution Upset--because
> I got angry with you over a year and a half ago.
> I knew you'd deny it, and I'm sure you'll find a way to
> somehow dismiss the evidence. But you did say all that.
> And after I told you off in email, you've done nothing
> but find reasons to attack me. So everyone reading this
> can make up their own minds as to your motivations.

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