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> Then either do it or shut up about it.
>  How many more decades of fundraising are there going to be before the
TMO puts the money it collected into an actual group that actually
brings peace?
>  I think the whole thing is a crock of shit but it's very easy to
demonstrate but wait, they have demonstrated it! You yourself have
posted endless posts about how many hundreds of thousands have learned
TM & YF, and all the yagyas (claimed to be much more powerful by the
TMO) and yet there is still the occasional bit of trouble in the
>  Maybe you want to explain why what you've done so far hasn't worked
before you start conning the faithful out of their remaining few bucks
for another "coherence" creating group.
>  It's very easy and you claim to have already done it. In fact I
remember Marshy saying that Sat Yuga was here but I'll put that down to
the ramblings of a senile and deluded old man. But what to put your
ramblings down to after all these years?

Since we're dealing with Nabby, I think we have to cut him a break or
two because not only is he a TM TB (a debilitating condition in itself),
rumor has it that he suffers from a rare STD called cropcirclitis. You
get it after an unprotected anal probe from one of the Space Brothers. 

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