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    Believe if you want that some billionaire in a cave in
    Afghanistan ran the whole operation but that really sounds wacky!

    Ran the whole operation? You mean got some guys to hijack a few
    planes? It's too simple isn't it. That's the problem people have,
    they can't believe that much destruction was caused by a few
    maniacs in hijacked planes.

    But it was not that simple.  And the alleged fliers couldn't even
    fly a Cessna properly let alone a jet.  Those planes were remote
    controlled and such systems were available in advance of 9-11.

    I disagree, I think they were telepathically controlled by the
    Space Brothers from their secret base on Pluto.

Weak minds glom onto conspiracy theories the same way that weak minds follow cult leaders. That's all anyone ever needs to know about discussions like this.

Actually it is weak minds who tend to believe what the government and mainstream media tells them.

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