Skunk. I'm smelled them for years around here but had no idea they were getting into my backyard. I'll plug up wherever they're getting in. The next door neighbor has a booth at the farmers market so I showed her the video. Their dog spooks the skunk sometimes and that's when it sprays.

I had to set the sensitivity to maximum or it wouldn't have caught the skunk. I have to turn it down during the day because the wind blowing the bushes will trigger a video. I may need to put Vaseline on the camera over the garage so spiders don't put webs across it and then it gets triggered too much.

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Skunk? Giant black snail? Chupacabra?

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(Take two) I put a camera in back overlooking the patio and here's picture of a little visitor I had last night:

Good thing I had the patio door shut!

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    Has a biblical ring to it, huh?... My wife found the snake
    (western diamondback?) on the patio, next to the house, this
    evening. I hosed him off, into nearby shrubs. I'd rather make it
    really uncomfortable, so he doesn't come back, vs. killing him,
    and getting that whole cycle going... it is a lost cause to have
    an antagonistic relationship with the animals here, but I have no
    problem establishing my boundaries. You can see two or three
    rattles in the picture, he's about a foot long -

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