It is explained in the book, a very simple manipulation - Lenz spoke all the 
time about levitation and other powers and abilities. He would then get his 
drugged out, sleepless zombies together, haul them out to the desert at 2 AM, 
and maybe dance around, and then ask, "What did you see?" He would wait until 
someone volunteered that he was flying/invisible/transformed into 
light/godlike, and then simply agree. After this "evidence" was presented, 
others would agree that they had seen it too - very 'witches of Salem', only in 
reverse, so that those in attendance, self-deluded themselves into "seeing" all 
sorts of miracles, from "Zen Master Rama, The Living God". Lots of peer 

 Lenz was also a master at pitting his "students" against each other - This is 
why Barry thrives on conflict, vs. discussion. This is why he keeps tiredly 
bringing up these fake "supernatural" events - He can't believe, yet, that he, 
along with many others, was duped, exploited, and abused. Horribly abused. I 
can imagine Lenz making cruel fun of Barry, publicly, as he did with anyone he 
perceived as the slightest threat, and Barry trying to laugh about his own, 
open castigation and shaming, from a man he respected, and possibly loved, and 
then having to pony up serious cash, for another month, of doing more of the 
same. For years. Makes me shudder, the damage that was inflicted.  
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"levitation" crap, too.

 Its as believable as Marshy's levitation crap.


 Somewhat more believable, actually. One could easily produce depositions from 
hundreds of people over the years who saw Freddie levitate. Possibly a couple 
of thousand of them, total. 

 Has the TMO produced even *one* person who claims on the record to have seen 
Maharishi or anyone else levitate (for real, that is...say, hanging in the air 
for several *minutes* without descending, not seconds)? They have not.

 Touchy, touchy. Now, of all of those thousands of people who saw Lenz levitate 
how come no one ever got a picture, a video? Was this verboten? Did this not 
ever occur to anyone that it might be an interesting catalogue of events to 
have this somehow on some format that others could see? Lenz was a raging 
narcissist, how come he didn't invite TV stations to come and tape him 
levitating? You know why? 'Cause he wasn't ever levitating. What harm would 
there have been for some record of this, beyond someone's say so, to have been 
made? Put up or shut up. Your master was no more accomplished at levitating 
than anyone else - which is no one.






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