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 That's a nice piece Ann. 

 I feel as though I have a pretty good idea of the "real" person behind 
people's online persona.

 I think you might be referring to Barry in some of what you say here.

 I've had a changing relationship with him.

 He thinks I've changed. I think he's changed.  

 Honestly.  I mean, really honestly.  I don't care.

 I still like him, although I think he is disappointed in me, and I in him, to 
some extent.

 But who the hell cares!

 FFL offers a pleasant back and forth (at least enough of the time), and a 
chance to hear different perspectives.

 I like Curtis' input because he will ask you in a genuine way, to justify your 
position on things, and ask you to share your opinion.

 Lord knows he is repeatedly asked to defend his position on issues.

 And it is important, to at some point, say, "fair enough, I guess we see 
things differently" and then move on.

 That has been easier to do, these last four, five, or six months. (however 
long its been)   (-:

 You know Steve, you have never failed to strike me as a kind man. I think I 
told you long ago that if I were to fall down on the sidewalk and hurt myself 
you'd be the first guy to rush over and help me (or anyone) up. And you still 
come across this way. You are quick to apologize, consistent in your viewpoints 
in a way that ends up appearing very genuine and honest, you seem to live a 
balanced and reasonably fulfilling life where you have children and a spouse 
that no doubt love you very much. It's great to have you on-board. Yours is a 
voice of reason, balance and humility.





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