A lot of European horror has a dark comedy spin. US made films not so much. "Cabin Fever: Patient Zero", a US film, is a comedy of errors. Elmore Leonard's shtick was to show how dumb both crooks and cops could be. The same shtick works well for horror. Too much intense suspense can be a bit tiring and difficult to pull off. "The Possession of MJ" er "The Possession of Michael King" takes a dark comedic approach of a supernatural debunker which will have you laughing half the time.

"P2" is a 2007 Canadian film making the rounds now on Hulu and VUDU with Continuum's Rachel Nichols (as a blond) and Wes Bentley. Nichols plays an office worker who is the last to leave the building on Christmas Eve and enlists the building's security guy (Bentley) to help get her car started. Little does she know what the security guy has in mind for her. Definitely rated Not for Buck and most here. No comedic relief in this one as it is more a thriller all the way through that builds to the end.

"Septic Man" has been added to Hulu's "Huluween" lineup. It was done by the folks who did "Pontypool" and the trailer shows it to be a horror dark comedy as "Pontypool" is.

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I don't have much in the way of movies to recommend this month because
most all I have been watching have been horror films. That's because I
hang out with a group on a forum that tries to watch a horror film each
night in October to celebrate "31 Days of Halloween". Most films I
watch would not be for the faint of heart here. But one from Turq's
former country of residence, Spain, is actually more of a dark comedy
and called "Witching and Bitching". Sounds like FFL doesn't it? But
it's about a heist in Madrid and how the crooks escape to a small town
and learn it is run by witches. Lots of comedy of errors. It's on
Netflix WI.

I decided to look into this one and discovered it was by Alex de la Iglesia, considered one of the enfant terrible directors of Spain. I'd seen one of his earlier films in English, "The Oxford Murders," and loved it, so I gave this one a try. What you said about it was true, but you didn't convey how FUNNY it was, and how much of a commentary on eternal male-female stereotypes of each other it was. Iglesia has been compared (favorably) with Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, and now I see why.

Rated SO not for Buck, and probably not for many others here. But for the twisted few, it's a real gas...

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