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 Ebola looks like a parasite so I looked it up and most all viruses are indeed 
parasites though it is a subject of controversy among immunologists.  My bet it 
just doesn't like certain things in your blood.  It may not like hot spices for 
instance.  Notice there have been no outbreaks in India.  I recall a "Sopranos" 
episode where Tony and the boys go have some India food and then get sick.  
Tony wants to off the restaurant owner but sees his doctor first who tells him 
it is unlikely they got it there because of the clever use of spices in Indian 
cooking which keeps parasites away.  Bring on the chilis!

 No Ebola in Canada yet, it must be the Tim Hortons.
 I better go stock up on chocolate since the harvest was usually done by 
workers from the Ebola stricken countries and the cocoa growing countries have 
blocked their entry.  But we westerners love our chocolate (dark for me only 
and at 90%) so perhaps robots will take over the harvest. ;-) 
 OT: notice the price of butter lately?


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