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Been catching "Gracepoint" to see what they do with it over the
original, "Broadchurch" which played last year on BBC America. Features
a lot of scenery from Ann's neck of the woods despite the New York State
credit at the end. According to a member of another forum I'm on who
did the special effect New York credit is there because it's being
edited there and they get a tax rebate for that. It's mostly shot on
Vancouver Island with some second unit done near Santa Cruz,
California. The cliffs in the show are all his companies work as a
special effect. It's on FOX.

Since I am a TV delinquent I can't say I have watched any of the "Gracepoint" series but many I know have been. Most of it was shot within 15 miles of my house including the little brown church which is across the street from me. Pretty fun for the locals. Then they had a big auction of all of the movie leftovers at the Fairgrounds (this is one of the oldest fairs in Canada beginning in 1868). There was so much stuff in the way of costumes and props it was quite overwhelming, or so I heard.

Cool. I don't know what kind of props and costumes they would have had since the show is pretty much modern day. I guess maybe the outfits that David Tenant and Anna Gunn wore. The problem is that the show is supposed to take place in a town on the coast of northern California. So where are the palm trees? You can find those all the way up to Eureka. The architecture is very northwest too. And those with finer eyes will realize that other foliage isn't right. I guess Bodega Bay was too expensive or nor tax breaks.

Back around 1980 I had a film crew take up parking across the street from where I was living to shoot a scene in a tavern for a TV movie. They were there the whole day and the scene in the movie lasted about 5 minutes. They don't do that anymore.

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