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 Probably not going to find good science fiction these days because what was 
the realm of science fiction is now our everyday existence. If you extrapolate 
and project into the future you get more of an apocalyptic story.  And art has 
been democratized so anyone can publish even if it is just to a website. Hard 
to stand out in the crowd.

 This is a very astute statement and one which I think is largely true. We seem 
to live in a time when we have become jaded by the barrage of media and the 
fact that we can hear and see so much - both real and imagined. Videos and film 
and photos are presumed doctored in some way. Even the news stories are suspect 
as some sort of spoof or parody. We don't seem to ever really be sure of 
anything anymore since the ability to manipulate sound and image and create all 
sorts of effects is superior to our ability to discriminate between what is 
real and what is not. Consequently there comes a saturation point. We become 
unable to go beyond what others before us have created or written; it is "hard 
to stand out in the crowd." I think with saturation can come hopelessness and 
apathy. These characteristics are a short step away from visions and obsession 
with what must surely be the end, the apocalyptic  inevitability. 





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