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Seems Richard has managed to push the buttons of the Turq big-time, no matter 
how much he claims never to read any of his posts :-)

I'll bet my Sunday lunch that the only reason Turq saw that comment by Willytex 
is because you commented on it. 

Your Sunday lunch is safe. I haven't read a post made by Richard Williams in 
months. Life is too short to waste it on psychotics. I still read Nabby's posts 
because he's merely an entertainingly neurotic blissninny, and occasionally I 
need a laugh.  :-)

It's the only reason I saw it too. Man, I'd hate to spend so much time online 
and to discover I'd been so ineffective for so many years...

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Willytex can continue to "remind" people of anything he fuckin' 
doesn't bother me a bit. I've never claimed to *understand* what was going on 
when I and hundreds of other people saw Fred levitate, only that we witnessed 
it. He's just jealous that he never has...that's why at this point he has made 
several *thousand* posts about it. 

Compare and contrast against the claim made by Nabby several times on this 
forum that *HE* has levitated, hanging in the air for long periods of time. 
There is no one on Earth who doesn't find that laughable.  :-) 
As for Curtis, I doubt seriously that he has ever suggested that *perception* 
is not different in different states of consciousness, only that *reality* 
probably isn't. Nabby wouldn't make that distinction because quite frankly he 
doesn't understand the difference. As with his claims to have personally 
levitated (which he has been unable to provide proof for or find anyone to 
substantiate), he seems to believe that if he experienced or perceived 
something, that *is* reality. 

I suspect that both Curtis and I would agree that anyone who believes this is 
delusional. Even if you don't bother factoring in the fact that Nabby also 
believes in little green men whose idea of fun is stomping patterns in fields 
of wheat to show how advanced and intelligent they are.  :-)
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 Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2014 12:47 PM
 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Okay, let's put it on the table: UFOs
 Both the Turq's claim that he saw the Lenz-Rama-guy levitate many times and 
Curti's claim that "knowledge is not different in different states of 
consciousness" loom over these two guys forever. It's a good thing that Richard 
keep reminding every possible lurker here how far out of any possible 
self-insight these two guy's are.

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On 11/15/2014 4:23 PM, nablusoss1008wrote:

  Sal is adjusting his speak every day now. Watch out, oneof these days he'll 
even retract his extremely sillyjudgements on the Crop Circles.

"Adjusting his speak" - that's a good one!Apparently he already believes in 
tall tales - he has yet to replyto Barry's levitation claims about Rama. Go 

"And I don't just meanexplaining things away, to be convincing you have to show 
thatsomething more realistic happened, more credible and usingexplanations we 
already understand and are known to happen incertain circumstances." - 

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Salyavin,I love your last paragraph: folklore in action;techno ghost stories 
for the nuclear age. As forme, I believe there is life somewhere else inthe 
vast universe. And I think they are morehighly advanced than us and maybe here 
with us.And I think it's great. 
Wecan believe what we like. I have no opinion onintelligent life elsewhere, we 
don't know thevariables that allow for it to develop. Wecould be unique or the 
universe could beteeming or maybe there's just one or two pergalaxy over it's 
entire history. But thechances of there being other humanoidsvisiting Earth at 
the just same time as we'veunderstood where we are cosmically? It 
beggarsbelief. Alien craft is the least likelyexplanation for UFO's. But I hope 
But atthat point, I'm more like turq. It doesn'treally impact my life one way 
or the other.Either way, what is the action step? (-:

Idon't know, just enjoy the ride, the evolvingmyth. We are apparently on the 
brink ofsomething called "disclosure". We've been herebefore a few times as I 
recall, it neveramounts to much but it's fun watching the TB'sget excited that 
their favourite daydream isto be officially confirmed. 
Butit won't be, the UFO's won't land and Maitreyawon't appear. It's the way of 
things. Theconnection between the two is that people wantthere to be more, want 
there to be a reasonand for there to be salvation from a higherpower, whether 
it's alien or spiritual. We'retalking deep human needs here.
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Subject:[FairfieldLife] Re: Okay, let's put it onthe table: UFOs,<>wrote :

Saldoesn't like UFO's becausethey aren't scientific :-)
It's an interestingpoint Nabs. The thing isone can only getscientific about 
somethingif it is available tostudy, UFO's are sofleeting and ephemeralthat 
there really isn'tanything to study otherthan hearsay orsuspiciously absent 
filmtaken by higher powers tokeep the whole thingsecret.
But a great manypeople have studied whatthey can about UFOsightings, and done 
itwith as much rigour as youcan with such a paucity ofhard evidence. I'm 
notsure there is an encounterthat hasn't got a betterexplanation that 
doesn'tinvolve us being visitedby beings from anotherworld. And I don't 
justmean explaining thingsaway, to be convincing youhave to show thatsomething 
more realistichappened, more credibleand using explanations wealready 
understand and areknown to happen in certaincircumstances. Eventesting soil 
damage andskin burns for alternativecauses. People are beingscientific about 
But here's the thingyou overlook in your quip,I've been interested inUFO's for 
as long as Iremember, I've a got ashelf full of the classicbooks on the 
subject. Eventhe true believer stufffrom "serious" researcherslike Timothy Good 
and theabductionists like BudHopkins. I bet I know allthe great encounters 
byheart - Cortile, Ramirez,Roswell, Pascagoula,Ilkley Moor, Rendlesham...
I love it but Idon't take it at facevalue. Tome, UFO's are folklore inaction. 
The evolving mythof abduction and what theyare supposedly doing hereare the 
legends of ourtime, a new religion,encapsulating our fearsabout technology 
andpromising us freedom fromour destructive ways, yetalways remainingremarkably 
evidence free.There's always a newvision to add to themythos but 
convenientlynever any hard evidence tohelp decide one way or theother. And the 
longer thatscenario goes on the moreconvinced any casualobserver should be that 
weare kidding ourselves,because deep down we likeghost stories and that'sreally 
what they are.Something scary alwaysjust out of reach. Technoghost stories for 
thenuclear age.

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I didn't reallyread what sal haswritten below, but Ithink the gist of it 
is,that he doesn't like theperson who coined theword "flying saucer"
Is that whathis dissertation isabout this time?,<>wrote :

Thereis not oneastronaut whohas NOTreported seeingUFO's, sometimeshuge and in 
largenubers, back toNASA and/or theirfamilies.,<>wrote :,<>wrote :

IfGordon is notcrazy, thenthe Americangovernment 

If there arealiensvisiting usand we're notbeing told --it robs everyperson 


Neither you,nor I, noranyone evercould possiblybe who we arenow if we knewthat 
UFOs arereal.


And that's whyit might bekept a secret-- the concept"money" wouldbe bereft 

If you saythat it wouldNOT be "allthat much of abig deal, cuzeveryone's 
soinured alreadyby Hollywoodfilms," thenYOU DON'T KNOWJACK SHITABOUTPSYCHOLOGY.

Every personin every way: changed.
Agreed.Luckily Idon;t supposeit will cometo that. Whichis a shame asI'd be 
thehappiestperson onEarth if itturned outthat UFO'swere alienspacecraft,but the 
truthof sightingsalways turnsout to be moremundane.
Takethe name"flyingsaucers",everyone seessaucer shapedcraft but thename is 
amistake fromthe firstencounteranyone had.Kenneth Arnold(anexperiencedpilot) 
saw asquadron ofhighlyreflectivecrescentshapedaircraftflying atgreat speed ina 
V formationover the Rockymountains in1947. Hedescribed themas flying likea 
saucer wouldif skippedacross water. 
Ajournalistmade up thename flyingsaucer andafter thateveryone sawsaucer 
shapedcraft whenthey sawsomethingmysterious inthe sky. Thepower 
ofsuggestion.Sadly there'sno such thingas a reliablewitness andany one can 
befooled, Arnoldmost likelysaw a flock ofpelicans andmistook themfor 
unknownaircraft andmiscalculatedtheir distancefrom him. Weall makemistakes 
butthe influencehis mistakehad isimmeasurable. 
Becausewe people areso unreliable,if I had tobet I wouldsay thatCooper 
sawsomeatmosphericeffect fromflying atsupersonicspeed that noone hadnoticed 
beforeand mistook itfor real craftmoving abovehim. 
Andearly radarwas hopelesslyunreliable,the UK airdefence systemin the coldwar 
was alwaystelling usthat giantUFOs werecrossing thenorth sea butwhen planeswere 
scrambledto look itturned out tohave beentemperatureinversionsconfusing 
theequipment.When theseanomalies wereunderstood andironed out UFOreportsstopped 
comingin. It's theway it goes,people seestuff andimaginationplugs anygaps, 
popularculture isrife withimagery thatcame beforethe sightings.I can't 
trustmyself letalone anyoneelse!
Iwould like tosee this filmthey tookthough but, Idon't supposewe ever 
will.That's the way

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