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    I watch a lot of Brit TV on Netflix and Hulu+.  One thing is the
    actors look like real people and not like fashion models.  My
    favorite was "Utopia" and HBO is redoing it with David Fincher in

    Dang I missed the second series of Utopia due to being on holiday
    when it started. Shall put it on my crimbo list.

    Unfortunately there will be no Bluray release of season two.  I
    have the season one Bluray which is "All Regions" so they didn't
    have to make different ones for each regions.  But it won't play
    on my Sony players but does on my Samsung. Wonder what Sony has
    against the "All Regions" option?  Channel 4 said the season one
    sales did not justify a season two Bluray release.

    I've never even seen a Bluray so I don;t know what I'm missing,
    the DVD is on Amazon though so I'll be dropping hints amongst the

Blurays are HD. There were apparently two released for Utopia. One was only one disc and apparently didn't have the extras and was maybe 720p so all 6 episodes would fit on one disc. The other, which I have, is two discs and has extras including commentary on episode one. It was great to hear the genesis of the show.

I'm on my 4th Bluray player. Back in 2007 when there were "Black Friday" sales for the promising HD-DVD format. I actually went over to Walmart which is 1 mile away to see if I could score one. There was a long line there and I think they only had 6 players to sell to begin with. Amazon offered them for $200 so I ordered one. But then I was at Best Buy right before Christmas and they had a competing sale on Sony Bluray players so I picked one up. In February Warner Brothers declared they were dropping HD-DVD and going Bluray only. That was effectively the end of HD-DVD and then Amazon credited me $100 for buying the HD-DVD player.

Probably about 2010 I bought a Samsung Bluray player on sale so I could watch streaming stuff on it like Netflix. The only problem was it lacked Amazon though the app was promised (but never appeared). A couple years later a friend told me I should spend my Sony Rewards points or they take some away at the end of the year and so I got another player with the points I had and it included Amazon. Recently that machine started malfunctioning and it didn't have the most recent apps on it. I checked my points and I was able to get the latest Sony player with my points. It has the newest apps but no wifi which is okay since I have Ethernet for it and that is more reliable than my U-Verse wifi gateway. That player, the S1200, sells for only around $60 US.

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