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Glad to hear it - I am a Red Box kind of guy, and will definitely grab a copy.

/That's the funny thing about Brian the dog on Family Guy - he's a dog, but talks just like a normal person with a normal voice, while all the other family members have cartoon voices. I mean, that's funny when the only sane character in the whole family is the pet dog. Go figure./

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    Wasn't he walking his enlightened dog, too? Its a wonder he kept
    track of it all...

    His dog is probably like Brian on /The Family Guy/ - the smartest
    one in the whole house.

    But I still don't get why Barry would post a review of a pirated
    copy of /Intersteller/ that he watched on a 14 inch laptop, with
    Dutch captions.

    We saw it on the IMAX screen in 70 mm in Dolby Surround Sound and
    it was great.

    He didn't seem to enjoy the movie very much - something probably
    got lost in the translation. Go figure.

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    that's cool, Michael. One of the informants here went in and out
    of dimensions while simply walking through the city in which he

    We were all so envious, wishing we could be special like that.

    The rest of us, sigh, can only take simple, uneventful walks, sigh.

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    There is no evidence for there being any multiverses

    That's not true - there are any number of channels and New Age-y
    types who claim there are multiple dimensions all over the place.

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    Re"The multiverse is a theory . . . I don't see why atheists
    would use this theory to support their idea that there is no God.":

    There is no evidence for there being any multiverses - it is as
    much a leap of faith as believing in God. The "God option" really
    means you have trust in whatever is unfolding.

    There might be soon. David Deutsch, who runs the quantum
    computing lab at Oxford, makes the case that multiverse theories
    are the simplest way of explaining quantum theory. Most other
    physicists disagree due to lack of evidence but he intends to
    prove it using a virtual reality program of an atom running on a
    quantum computer.

    I don't fully get what he's going on about but apparently there
    is a way that quantum computers can reveal how they work while
    they are doing computations about themselves (!), this will tell
    us a lot about what sort of universe we live in. All we need is a
    computer we don't have yet that exploits Qbits, the ability of
    things in the quantum world to be in potentially two, or more,
    places at once. But they are on the way. I get the impression
    that if he pulls it off he'll be the most famous scientist since
    Einstein but it's a long way away. But quantum computing is the
    future whatever it tells us.

    But as I said in another post, this in't the multiverse you are
    talking about but they might be provable - should they exist.
    Maybe cosmologists should just start again. Wouldn't be the first

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