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 DC is about the smallest town where teh ME effect could be reliably 
demonstrated.  And statistical fluctuations in one category of crime like 
murder could still be "small number" issues.

 Funny how the predictions for the ME at Washington for the study were only 
about the same as the average fluctuation of the crime rate anyway. There was a 
dip in the rate in May of that year that was bigger than the one when the place 
was full of TMer's!  If you can't also account for that, how do you know you 
are accounting for anything else with the claim of super powers? And 
considering we are talking about allegedly manipulating the unified field of 
all things shouldn't it be just a bit more dramatic?

 Just what is the rationale for their being such a small effect when we are 
dealing with such major power? And what good is a miniscule effect like that 
anyway from a law and order point of view? If you can't tell the difference 
without suspicious statistical analysis then what would be the point of getting 
a big group together, especially as crime rates are down a heckuva lot more 
since then with changes in policing methods and renovating neighbourhoods.


 Current Population Demographics and Statistics for Washington DC by age, 
gender and race. 
 Current Population Demographics and Statistic... 
Washington DC Population 2013, 2014

 View on suburbanstats... 
 Preview by Yahoo 



 601,000 in 2014. OF course, once you look at surrounding suburbs you might 
have a better picture but I believe the ME  research confined itself to DC 
proper for simplicity's sake.

 As I have said many times, this kind of study  is far too messy to really 
prove anything. Unless and until they can reliably show a micro-ME and show 
non-TM researchers how to reproduce it in their own labs, no-one outside the TM 
organization is ever going to take the research seriously.

 IMNSHO of course.


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 The Maharishi Effect has always, at least in the theoretical discussions, been 
a "big numbers" effect that requires statistical analysis to catch.

 It's rubbish in other words.

 Funnily enough I was reading about statistics and paranormal research the 
other day. There's a guy called Dean Radin - friend of Fred Travis and member 
of the institute of noetic research - who "proved" via statistical analysis 
that the human mind has magical powers like telepathy and precognition. The 
amazing thing about his research is that he statistically meta - analysed 
hundreds of decent papers that had found no such thing!

 This is clever, he can "prove" there are paranormal powers without anyone ever 
demonstrating any such thing! A first for science, makes me wonder why his 
institute isn't taken seriously..

 Lies, damn lies, statistics etc..

 By theory, a town the size of Fairfield would be too small to really see the 
effect manifest reliably, regardless of what research beleivers decided to 
publicize in order to encourage other believers to participate more regularly.

 Consider the effect that a single pickpocketing Sidha would have on 
Fairfield's crime-rate, for example...

 Or a single gun rampage could have on otherwise also unconvincing statistics 
in Washington or Lebanon.

 [By the way, I came up with that example on a Washington, DC course a year or 
two before the course that lead to the resarch everyone likes to pooh-pooh -a 
pickpocket had slipped into the gathered sidhas outside the flying hall, and 
was working the crowd so the police were called]

 The activities of a single criminal in a crowd of several thousand are 
sufficient to raise the crime-rate in that crowd, no matter how "enlghtened" 
they are as individuals and the fact that this person was willing to roam 
freely amongst the TMers meant his behavior wasn't noticeably affected by their 
presence - in fact, you cold argue that his behavior was *inspired* by their 

 So clearly, you have to statistically remove any crime to make the figures 

 The same issue holds true for a town of 10,000, like Fairfield. It is only 
when you get to the level of communities with a million or more people that the 
Maharishi Effect is (according to the theoretical papers) supposed to be 
reliably detectable since a single person's behavior is lost in the statistics 
involving hundreds or thousands of criminals.

 And the larger amount of criminals in large towns make the statistics 
unconvincing in those cases in exactly the same way. But it's nice that Buck 
doesn't have to worry about anything affecting the "science" in Fairfield.



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 It's  Maharishi's fault! LOL 

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   Since the number of Pundits is down to about 200 and the number of TM-Sidhas 
practicing is way below the number their theory says is required, the most they 
could say is that they have failed to have a positive effect on Ferguson 
because they have failed to keep their numbers sufficiently high.



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 227.5 miles - evidently the Marshy Effect is still to funnel money from TB'ers 
pockets to the TMO's coffers, rather than create peace. OF course, the TMO will 
have a different spin on the situation, the remedy of which will include giving 
more money to the TMO, you know, to get more pundits and increase the Dome 
numbers - ha ha!


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 Does anybody know how far Ferguson Mo. is from Fairfield Ia.? Was group 
program called off yesterday?



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