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 He's a lawyer.  Explains a lot -- Jerry's interest for instance.

Because he's smart, his assertion of honesty is quite acceptable.  

That's the rub:  if you're a true-believer in your own experiences -- you bring 
all your intellect etc. into the promotions about your experiences....even if 
you were deluded.

Personally, I've woken up from dreams in various states of belief -- I hated 
this one woman in real life for what she'd done to me in a dream -- took three 
days to get clear about that.....see?

No one can talk anyone out of what they think is true.....we're all such brutes.

 I fell asleep for a bit and he seems to have gone off on a tangent, talking 
about all his previous incarnations. I've lost it and shall have to read the 
transcript later...

 ... ah the message: Don't worry about spoiling the purity of the teaching 
because you can't. You don't have the power.

 And then the connection went. Bit of divine intervention maybe...

 Shame it came back, the guy is dropping names like you wouldn't believe, 
Jesus, Guru Dev. This guy is in touch with them all. He must be a big deal in 
the spiritual world to deserve such company. But his talk is so boring now and 
so unmemorable I forget how each sentence started before it ends.

 Luckily there's something good on TV so I don't have to listen to the worlds 
greatest spiritual teachers any more...

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