On Dec 9, 2005, at 4:09 AM, anonymousff wrote:

You're assuming that Tom is just wrath.

No, not at all. Just that he had possible anger issues. In any event, it helpful for *anyone* to be able to integrate the movement of thought with the calm, transcendent state irregardless of what individual issues we might have. For that, wrathful mantra is a great friend. IMO TMSP will just exacerbate issues. YMMV.

Bottom line: it's pretty standard that if you do mantra-japa as your sadhana to do at least a quarter of that japa to a fire or flame. Make offerings that please your devata. That's the simplest yajna you can do. Self yajna. But it's our work to do as individuals--you can't really outsource your own sadhana to India.

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