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> >
> > Perhaps I am too prone to the poetic. I thought "Its
> > a
> > HOLLOWED OUT, CRYSTALINE matrix, a unique
> > TRANSPARENT tapestry woven
> > from the RESIDUE of thousands of lives, ..." made
> > the "empty shell"
> > idea of roasted smaskaras clear. Perhaps its an
> > experiential difference.
> What the f**k are you talking about, Grasshopper?

Apparently nothing you can relate to.

Perhaps its not in your experience, but with time and grace, there is
a sense that the body, mind, intellect and all become HOLLOW and
empty. They appear to become more TRANSPARENT, as if CRYSTALINE. Their
functioning seems, as a poetic metaphor, like a RESIDUE -- though its
a complex pattern like a TAPESTRY. 

This appears to happen as those knots within our soul (another poetic
phrase) loosen and unravel. Like a know in a rope, when it is untied,
it does not exist, But what is left is some small creasing of the
rope. As knots unravel, there is that growing sense of being HOLLOW
AND EMPTY. But the crease from the past knots causee enough "dust"
to form on the otherwise transparent Crystaline form or body, mind
intellect and all that remains. The dust creates some defraction of
both Effulgence and the light of everyday life events. This light
defraction (again a poetic metaphor) gives the appearance of the
former mundane earthy body, mind and intellect, though its is just a

Those knots, in classical literature, are called samskaras. 

I hope this helps.

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