--- Vaj wrote:
> conditioned wrong Views are spouted as if they are  
> correct. Because they believe--without critical decision making and  
> self-experimentation.

One thing that keeps me enthusiastic about TM 
is the close correlation between Maharishi's 
descriptions and my experiences. A simple example 
is "unbounded awareness." For years I interpreted 
that phrase as seeing for miles. Honestly, I was that 
clueless. With the siddhis I finally got it. My experience 
ultimately confirmed the teaching.

I used to have some flavors the the siddhis, which 
reinforced *that* teaching. I've also noticed different 
results from reading or listening to the 9th and 10th 
mandalas of Rig Veda, which made sense out of that 
part of the program. (Ninth cultivated a feeling of 
smoothness; tenth firmed it up, like the fixer in 
photographic printing.)

Maharishi used to be pretty good about saying, 
"Don't take my word for it. Look at your experiences." 
I took him at his word, and felt I was adequately critical.
And he came out validated.

It's only with Maharishi's political and organizational 
policies that I noticed the disconnects between what 
he says and what happens.

So Vaj, I don't quite see your implied criticism, above, 
of Maharishi's distorted View. That's one thing. 
Perhaps you'll share examples of your experiences 
disagreeing with MMY's View.

The other thing is -- and this is the more cogent 
point -- I believe we manifest *whatever* we believe. 
If you believe space aliens are pulling our strings, 
you'll find plenty of evidence everywhere you look. 
Are you a conspiracy fantatic? No lack of evidence 
there, no matter whom you believe is doign the 
conspiring. Do you base your worldview on Biblical 
prophesy, as my friend the Jehovah's Witness does? 
Well heck -- all the evidence you need is right there 
in the Bible and in the pages of newspapers.

I suspect this close correlation between view and 
evidence comes from this world being a creation of 
humans, not of God. (Or that humans have divine 
creative power, which is another teaching of MMY's, 
by the way.)

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