TMO as a valid employer

It will be interesting to see how things shape up in South Florida with the 
independent TM 
teacher there.  He recently posted here that he is having trouble with 
advertising TM as an 
"unrecertified teacher". The TMO is trying to block that activity.  Goldstein 
with MUM legal 
had written a letter to a magazine there. I just found out Mike Scozzari has 
received the 
standard cease and desist letter from a law firm representing the TMO.  Mike 
said his legal 
counsel is advising him not to respond to threats unless ordered by the courts. 
In addition 
to a legal team, he has a publicist here in San Francisco that wants to do a 
feature on 
independents who teach for less should this go to court.

Back in 1993  here in California one independent TM teacher (a regular to 
fairfieldlife) told 
me he advised  the movement they would only hurt themselves if they took legal 
against him.  The court and publicity could potentially uncover a long list of 
TMO errors 
and embarrassments.  If they threatened trademark infringement in 1993 but 
didn't take 
legal action over all these years,  any judge would question the validity of an 
trademark. The California teacher referred to here teaches TM as an independent 
and has helped many people learn the technique charging much less than the 
average, He is successful because he is a good teacher.  Lets not get lost  
criticizing him 
for not sharing the income with national.  They make that impossible for 
someone who 
wants to make a living at this.  Teachers should be making the majority of the 
course fee 
with a small percentage going to the TMO for a franchise fee.  That wold never 
happen as 
the movement would not have a stronghold on the purse and therefore a 
stronghold on 
the teacher.

With the latest round of TMO stupidity and recertification to teach, and with 
promises for 
salaries not kept, what legitimate U.S. court would accept the TMO as a valid 
 I agree in part with an earlier post from spraig@ - The TMO does have the 
right to it's 
trademark protection. L'm not an attorney either but if the owner of the 
trademark fails to 
protect it and misuses it......that could be a very interesting question for 
the courts to look 
at. The TMO has demonstrated itself to be an unreliable employer incapable of 
it's promises, withdrawing promised salaries with the latest recertification 
project. If 
teachers pay to train to teach and the trademark owner makes that impossible, 
who then 
has the right to use the trademark? The argument could be made in court that 
overwhelming evidence exists to sue the tm org for Fraudulent & Deceptive & 
employment practices.

I thought the letter to the magazine in south Florida was threatening.  This 
TMO tactic is 
designed to frighten and why go after the magazine. The recertified teachers 
there are 
probably ticked off that someone is competing with them.  Competition is good 
everyone should teach!  I received an e-mail which I think did a good job of 
summing up:

"The national course fee in the US set by the Transcendental Meditation 
Organization is 5 
times what it was in 1993.  Consequently the numbers are way down, people are 
starting. Many experienced/certified teachers throughout the U.S. have had to 
settle the 
problem of runaway prices by privately offering TM instruction at very 
reasonable rates.  
Without compromising the original effective technique, TM can now be learned 
for less.  
It's the same technique. People everywhere, rich or poor, should have the 
opportunity to 
take the course and follow-up lessons."

I wonder how many TM teachers there are who would like to teach if they knew 
they would 
not be threatened.  This latest event could be the rallying point for all of 
them - and don't 
kid yourself, there are many!  Of the 40K trained in the US, and so few 
teaching, there are 
still many who would love to teach and could make a difference.  I know the 
attorneys in 
south Florida have been talking about a fund to help cover the costs if they go 
to trail. If 
all TM teachers could benefit, independence could be for all.  Maybe they are 
already free 
of this and just don't realize it!

Daniel Jeffers

Sent to me from one recertified teacher from California......regarding TMO 
threat to the 
magazine in Florida:

"If anyone should be censored, it is the tm org. For trying to monopolize a 
beneficial spiritual teaching, and for trying to intimidate & prohibit 
qualified teachers from 
sharing this teaching with the public.  Most publications are natural advocates 
of free 
speech. In our society we celebrate diversity of opinions & teachings & 
lifestyles.  As one  
attorney  stated:  "the tm org. has an illegitimate trademark-------they've 
never defended 
it in the past 40 years------and it will certainly fail in court, whenever it 
comes to court" 
---- they, the tm org., have not followed the laws in this situation-------this 
is simply a 
dispute or difference of opinion within a particular spiritual teaching:  the 
government & 
laws do not take sides in these disputes-------for example, the government does 
not try 
to influence who will be elected pope, or what position the southern baptist 
will take on issues, or what approach they will take to promote 
christianity-----or what 
approach should be taken in the teaching of transcendental meditation, etc.  
It's a free 
marketplace of ideas, and as true american citizens, we respect the right of 
everyone to 
freely speak and teach the truth as they believe.  The tm org., on the other 
hand, does not 
truly respect the u.s. constitution------they openly support the establishment 
monarchies throughout the world, and they openly function as a monarchy within 
own org. structure.  They believe the monarch has the absolute authority to 
control all 
information & education, and they are openly calling for the entire world to be 
country, under the rule of an absolute monarch!   Judging by the history of the 
tm org., 
and its horrible mismanagement, destroying a vital worldwide movement that was 
benefitting millions of people, this is very alarming.  We can respect their 
right to express 
their viewpoint, but the O.S. constitution and the majority of Americans are 
not likely  to 
allow them to implement their vision of a totalitarian society!   They force 
people in their 
own org. to bow down to appointed kings wearing robes & crowns!   They are 
calling for 
the destruction of all homes & buildings & cities in the world, destroying all 
the treasured 
cultural & historical landmarks, even reversing the direction of the flow of 
major rivers in 
Europe, just to conform to their dictation as to what is proper.   They talk in 
terms of "world peace" and developing everyone's full potential, but this is 
obscuring the 
truth that they wish to control every detail of a person's thought & life!    
At their 
"university" in Iowa  (for objective history, see
updates.html), they are taking millions in federal funds, while violating 
federal laws------
they claim TM is not a religion or lifestyle (it's true---it isn't) but in 
practice, they rigidly 
suppress all freedom of speech & assembly on campus.  One recent example (among 
thousands):  a student was informed by the dean of students, that she could not 
teach a 
yoga class in town, off campus, because that style of yoga was not sanctioned 
by the 
university.  The university for years has warned students not to attend the 
meetings of any 
other spiritual teachings (other than established mainstream religions).  
Students who are 
caught doing so, are expelled.  It goes on & on.  The teachings of Maharishi & 
TM are 
wonderful & practical, but have been grossly distorted by an overbearing 
organization in 
the past several years.  Trained & experienced independent TM teachers, have 
the right in 
this great democracy, to present the truth of Maharishi's teaching freely to 
the public, and 
to share the benefits of TM freely with the public.  A great example of  the 
great benefit to 
our society from independent TM teachers is the work of the Enlightened 
Project in St. Louis, Missouri, where 12 judges have directed hundreds of 
probationers to 
learn TM (see Farrok's web site -  The TM org. focuses its 
programs on the 
superrich:  following the basic recommendations of the org. can cost an 
$50,000 to $100,000 per year, or more.  They have the right to do that 
[although it seems 
their nonprofit status might be called into question ], but the government will 
not take 
their side in suppressing the activities of independent TM teachers."

Below is a letter from  recertified teacher John W Chandler.  He sent this to 
Farrokh sent it to me:

This poor  TM Teacher  left his job to go for recertification. Read his story.
 "Just came across your e-mail address and was wondering how you were doing?

 I just went through 4.5 months of major stress.  I quit my job at the bank and 
signed up 
for the TM Peace Palace Project as a Recertified Governor/Director.  Then the 
next thing I 
knew, they canceled our course, told us to get to work right away, and by the 
way "you're 
not going to get paid or reimbursed for your expenses until we decide you 
deserve it".  
Boy did I hit the roof when they pulled that switch on us.  Nevertheless, I 
stuck it out for 3 
months before I quit.  So, I lost 4.5 months of income, lost my old job, all my 
seniority, my 
401k contributions, my territory and my credibility.  All because I dared to 
believe the 
movement was going to honor their word when they said they would pay us 
salary + reimburse any expenses we incurred setting things up.  They lied.  So, 
now I'm 
free of the movement.  I'll never trust or believe anything they say ever 
again, and 
unfortunately I don't trust MMY as much anymore either; although he may be 
influenced by the greedy people around him.

 Fortunately the bank is taking me back and I start again next week, but at a 
lower rank, 
less salary, no matching 401k funds, and less vacation.  Oh well, live and 

 So, that's my bright and cheerful update.  Hope yours is going better.

 John W Chandler

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