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> Remember the
> son getting up at the mic and chanting: We will win, We  will win!

Right.  As you noted, it was right before the
election. Wellstone had been running for reelection,
you see.  Wellstone was an exceptionally popular
crusading senator in Minnesota and among progressives.
"We will win" was an _expression_ of hope that his
legacy would be carried on.  Such expressions are
quite common at funerals.

> And the
> booing of republicans that attended the funeral. Such  Class!

This was *wildly* exaggerated by the right wing.
There were only a few people who booed Trent Lott.
The right wing pretended it had been the whole

I wonder how many would have booed had it been the
funeral of a wildly popular Republican senator who
had been tragically killed just before running for
reelection, and former president Clinton had walked

Right, nice try at justifying the chanting of a son and crowd for political purposes at a Funeral/Pep Rally.< The booing of Trent Lott was far from exaggerated, I saw it and heard it and it wasn't just a few. It was loud and rude. < Who booed Clinton when he came to Ronald Reagan's funeral where he and wife coped a few *z's* on the front row? The only remark I heard about that was from some comedian that commented late that it was probably the first time they had slept together in years.

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