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> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "authfriend" <jstein@> wrote:
> > No, actually no TM TB, "official" or not, would use
> > Chopra as a vehicle for their message, as I said.
> > The TB line considers Chopra an apostate and a
> > betrayer of Maharishi.
> > 
> *************
> In trying to think about why Chopra, who has been dissing MMY for 
> years -- while getting rich on his spinoffs from TM --  would have a 
> change of heart and try to make up (with lies, of course, we are 
> talking about Deepack) for his past bad behavior, I'm thinking that 
> Deepack, in some corner of his dim brain, realizes that MMY is about 
> to die, and wants to make up for his disgusting behavior before 
> Deepack also shuffles off -- in Deeppack's case, to that hell reserved 
> for those who insult great saints and piggyback their greed and 
> ambition on the knowledge they received from that saintly tradition. 
> Good luck with that...

Awfully fundementalist interpretation, Bob. Could just as well be that
Maharishi said: "Pssst, Depak, my family has me over a barrel... All
the money is just too tempting for them... I'll make it all look
silly, with crowns and stuff. Just go out and teach meditation. We'll
see how it goes, and at least some people will get taught. Oh, and,
we'll make it look like we're fighting so that those who still have
rigid minds won't get confused, OK? Just like Guru Dev and his guru..." 

Nah, couldn't be .... 


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