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> Generally I dislike in this post the tone of idealizing one person's
> work, and the egoistic approach of trying to make his work crucial to
> human consciousness evolution in this time. 

You *dislike* it right? It's just judgement, that's okay. But I can
tell you why: Michael idealizes MMY's work, simply because he *loves*
MMY. The explantions he gives are logical, but the idealization is of
his heart. That's Bhakti, reverence, in Michaels case for the guru.
You dislike it, showing me that you don't have Bhakti, cannot
recognize it when you see it, and have even may feel disgust for it.
Poor you! Not that you should idealize or appreciate the MMY. But if
you have Bhakti yourself, that is Love for God, or for your teacher
etc, you will easily recognize it in others, like - lets say Muslims
who pray and don't like to be ridiculed for their religion. There is
nothing wrong with disagreement, but its the *tone* you dislike, and
you even think he is egoistic in that. Nothing could be further from
truth. Egoistic are those missing Bhakti. Again, poor you!

I have tried to make the case, that one can view MMY's action in an
impersonal way, as a tool of Brahman, like anybody else knowingly or
unknowingly. From all indications that we get from MMY it is very much
Knowingly, but never mind, one can look at this whole theme of a
staged evolution, as Michael was expounding it, in a completely
impersonal way, MMY only being a tool at the time, with no real
judgement involved. In that sense there is neither a necessity for
condemnation nor appreciation. But the appreciation shows Bhakti, and
there is a mutual appreciation among Bhaktas, as the Self is seen in
the Other, and not just narcistically inside oneself, as in CC. For
many the first focal point of the Self outside is the Guru. So much
for your *dislike* ;-)

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