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> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "authfriend" <jstein@> wrote:
> > Whatever the problems with the figures in this specific
> > article, suspicious trading prior to 9/11 was *very*
> > widely reported in the major news media. 
> Which means nothing if nothing was substantiated.

No, no, you aren't getting it.  "Substantiated" isn't
an issue.  The data aren't in question.  The data are
what caused the flap in the first place.

> > The 9/11
> > commission even investigated it, concluding there were
> > "innocuous" explanations, but without saying what they
> > were.  I believe the SEC investigated also, but did not
> > release a report.
> Undoubtedly because there was nothing significant to report. Unless
> you are suggesting a massive cover-up.

Not impossible, depending on whose ox would be gored.

> > I'm astonished that so many of you weren't aware that
> > this was a major concern after the attacks.  It isn't
> > just something the conspiracy theorists dreamed up.
> Who cares who "dreamed it up" or presented it. I am not impressed 
> with  secondary and tierchiary sources reporting a loop of 
> speculation.

Again, it isn't speculation.  The anomalous trading
*did* occur.  What hasn't been substantiated--at least
not publicly--is *why* it occurred.

> I am impressed, in a case like this, that there was a statisticaly
> significant anomoly,

There were significant anomalies.  That isn't in

 not something that sounds wierd and would make 
> a good, "witty" -- but irrelevant -- story Barry could tell around 
> the campfire or on the barstool.  But data, or cites to, the 
> analysis needs to be provided. Simply saying that a put option was 
> place at 5x or 11x "daily  average" is MEANINGLESS. But its a good 
> story, so it gets reported WIDELY.

You did read the articles I posted links to, right?

If so, you're aware that what the newspapers were
reporting was that large numbers of financial agencies
around the world were investigating the anomalous
trades.  I'm fairly confident that if it had all been
mere speculation and "irrelevant," they wouldn't have

Or maybe they all needed you to point out to them
the scope of their folly.  <snort>

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