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> > haha, I just noticed -- within 4 days, a less than 50% increase 
> > puts volume was cited as resulting in almost a tripling in 
> > daily averages (4x vs 11x). Thus, either they are using bad 
data, OR
> > they are using a different interval of days to calculate daily
> > averages for sept 6 and sept 10. Which is totally bogus. 
> > 
> > Or simply using THAT day's average. Thats crap as far as seeing 
> > the figures are statistically "abnormal". The daily average 
> > be calculated over at least 30 trading days, better, over a 
> > 
> > The figures were sliced, diced and cherry picked.
> Whatever the problems with the figures in this specific
> article, suspicious trading prior to 9/11 was *very*
> widely reported in the major news media.  The 9/11
> commission even investigated it, concluding there were
> "innocuous" explanations, but without saying what they
> were.  I believe the SEC investigated also, but did not
> release a report.
> I'm astonished that so many of you weren't aware that
> this was a major concern after the attacks.  It isn't
> just something the conspiracy theorists dreamed up.

Yes, I was well aware of it, as I've written.

But big deal, Judy.  Why did YOU make such a big deal of it in the 
context of what we were discussing?

Like I said before, the terrorists would have been idiots if they 
didn't take advantage of the insider trader knowledge of the attacks 
and speculate accordingly.

Hey, do you guys have any idea how much you could have made on 
Google's approximately 100 point drop in its stock price earlier 
this year had you bought put options at the right time?

A $5,000 investment could have turned into about $8 million in about 
a month.  Now, THAT'S the power of put options!

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