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> > And they all lived happily ever after.
> yeah-- very difficult to promote ideals during kali yuga 
> because it is so hard to sustain them. we keep trying though.

Just as a question, how many people believe that Sat 
Yuga ever existed?

As far as I can tell, Sat Yuga is a myth/fairytale 
told to children, who theoretically are the only 
ones who should believe in it. I've never seen any 
historical or anthropological evidence that such a 
time ever existed, or that life in India has *ever* 
been that much different than the way it is now. 

So those of you who *do* believe in the Hindu idea
about this previous (and hopefully future) "golden 
age," could you explain to me *why* you believe this
is true?  Is it purely because it's mentioned in Hindu
scriptures, and that you take these scriptures literally?  

This is not just Hindu-bashing, BTW. I feel the same
way about people who go on and on about Atlantis and Mu
without a shred of proof that either civilization ever
existed. There are some smart people here, and some
of them obviously believe strongly in this model of
different Yugas, and that there *was* such a golden
age in the past, even if there is no record of such
an age scientifically.  I'm curious as to the reasons 
*why* they believe this.  Thanks in advance...

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