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> > Don't get so stuck in your paradigm.
> Good advice, but do you honestly think it's possible?
> From my point of view, Lawson represents an almost-
> perfect example of the "TM paradigm," which is based on
> the assumption that the TM view of things and descrip-
> tion of things is correct, and that any view or description
> that differs from that is by definition incorrect.

However, the fact that Lawson states the various
provisions of the TM paradigm in comparison with
others does not in and of itself indicate such an

> In my opinion that's really how TMers are taught to 
> think, both about the mechanics of meditation and about
> the scientific measurements thereof. Being "stuck in their 
> paradigm" is perceived as a *good* thing and is rewarded 
> in the TMO by "strokes."

On the other hand, the only way for such a TMer to
evaluate the validity of the paradigm is to compare it
to other paradigms, which is what Lawson is attempting
to do.

Again, I think Barry is making the mistake of confusing
"This is what Maharishi says" with "What Maharishi says
is true."

> How likely is it that, after decades of this kind of
> reinforcement, someone is open to the possibility of
> other paradigms being valid?

How would a TMer discover whether other paradigms may
be valid without comparing them to that of TM?

In other words, what Barry seems to think is evidence
of a TMer's conviction that only the TM paradigm is
valid is in fact exactly what one would expect to see
if that TMer *were* open to the possibility of other
paradigms being valid and were actively exploring
that possibility.

Indeed, what you would expect to see from a TMer who
was convinced that only the TM paradigm is valid would
be a lack of interest in exploring other paradigms.

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