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> Jim Flanegin writes:
> Hey Tom, I am curious about the relationship your levitation
> experience you shared here, and having slipped onto a different
> stage as you mention above. Did the levitation serve  (1) as that
> last boundary to break, and right onto Brahman, or was it instead
> (2) a very powerful catalyst to the eventual realization of
> later on?
> Tom T:
> Actually it was choice #2. I guess you might say I am a little
> The aftermath of the levitation was the onset of the dark dark
> of the soul. That continued for 3+ years and even then although in
> looking back I had many of the characteristics of being awake I was
> still not Self knowing Self. It was a gradual many year event. The
> waking down folks call it oozing. The final getting of it occured
> standing on the side of a road telling a simple story to a friend.
> the midst of telling the story came the understanding I am awake. I
> never missed a beat on the story and the event was a very ho hum
> event. Looking back I can now see that events that used to be very
> binding ceased in 1996 but it took another 5 years plus moving to
> to kind of wrap it all up. As has been mentioned before you have to
> know you are THAT. Until I knew, I was living the life but did not
> have the appreciation nor the perspective that the final
> gives you. Even after I knew I was awake it took a beautiful email
> here to finally understand Brahman. It was a guy from Madison WI
> wrote about his experience that was the final tip over. I read his
> story and looked up and there was a dramatic shift and then every
> where I looked all I intitally saw was my self. Things would morph
> back into objects but the intial and the real understanding was
> every thing I encountered was myself. That is why I still post
> maybe there is another out here who will get it because of some
> thing I have shared here. Tom T

Great- Thank you for responding, because my awakening experience was
similar to yours in terms of timing and event sequence, in that I
had a life changing spiritual event occur in Spring of 1993, after
which I too felt that the goal of the sidhis had been accomplished.
(I have mentioned this before- a visit from Maharishi's master.)
However, although my perspective shifted dramatically at the time, I
was also still in the grip of my individual self. Externally many
big events then began to occur, though as you say, I was going
through a period of 'oozing'.

Then, in late 2004, I came upon this forum and connected with
someone here, who matched the profile of someone I had been looking
for and expecting to find for about 25 years. I didn't know who it
would be, but I had carried the profile of this person in my mind
all of that time.

In any case, after some brief interaction with them a little over a
year ago (Spring 2005), I was able to accomplish my final waking up,
catalyzed by not getting a job I had applied for, and complete
myself after a traumatic but brief birthing time of about an hour.
Let's just say that I witnessed my last boundary releasing. The body
went through a lot in that final release, but I calmly witnessed it
from within, and just let it go.

Since then, it has been a matter of just integrating, and continuing
growth. Like someone wise said, before awakening it is all seeking,
and after awakening it is all finding. Simplistic as that may be, it
is generally true. The one thing I must be careful about now are my
desires, because they have a funny way of all coming true, quckly. 

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