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> > > That's such a funny image! And besides the best pizza is from
> > > Old Forge PA.!
> >
> > Oh, yeah?  Where, specifically?
> >
> > Do they deliver to New Jersey?
> People from NYC and NJ sometimes take 100's of either half-baked or
> frozen cuts back home with them. Old Forge has a main street lined
> with pizza places that are all filled on weekends with folks from
> all over NE PA and the Poconos.

I'd never heard of Old Forge, pizzawise or otherwise,
so I Googled it and spent a very pleasant half-hour
reading about its pizza.  Seems it's a distinct style
whose main distinction from other types is that it
doesn't use mozzarella but a mixture of several other
cheeses that make it milder and sweeter.

Old Forge calls itself "The Pizza Capital of the World."

And oddly enough in the context of this discussion,
connoisseurs of Old Forge-style pizza appear to be a
group that has many of the characteristics of a cult.
;-)  See this discussion of how to make Old Forge-style
white pizza:


More than you ever wanted to know about pizza in general:


The one site I found where you can get mail-order
Old Forge pizza charges $30 for a 15-inch pie, *plus*
overnight FedEx.  That's a bit rich for my blood.

Also learned, to my chagrin, from the Wikipedia article
that pizza crust is often made with hydrogenated oils
(the dreaded trans-fats).  Jeez, as if the saturated fat
from all the cheese isn't bad enough...

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