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> on 5/20/06 10:29 AM, Sal Sunshine at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > Judy, I really don't know what to say.  If you haven't come
across the fear
> > factor in dealing with the TMO, or in dealing with people who
have dealt with
> > it, consider yourself lucky.  The pragmatism people employ when
they follow
> > everyday, commonsense rules that are almost universal, and the
strain they
> > resort to when dealing with the TMO's incredibly dumb,
capricious rules that
> > change with the wind and often seem motivated by little else
other than sheer
> > meanness, are totally different.
> >
> A friend of mine once told me how mortified he was when his
dentist started
> asking him about TM during a treatment, because he (my friend)
> wearing a suit and tie.

During my last year at MIU ('78? '79?) there was this freshman babe
who was a free-spirit who drove a motorcycle.  An image that is
seared into my memory is seeing the wife of that lawyer Lenny
Goldman (the guy that was a top guy at MIU for years) leering at
this girl as she roared through campus on her motorcycle. It was as
if Mrs. Goldman had seen Satan Incarnate.

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