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> > >       I beg your pardon.  I don't get it.
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> > >       What I meant was did Dr. Domash was the first to put 
> > forward the Unified field
> > theory of consciousness or was it Dr. Hagelin's brain-wave.??
> >
> > Domash, IIRC, suggested that the Maharishi Effect might have an
> > squared version, but
> > he didn't buy into MMY's ideas about Quantum Mechanics.
> Neither did Hagelin till he was told "make it work, or you're out
> here". Interesting 'cause it may give an essential insight into
> TM research is fudged: make it work or else you're out of here.
> Furher Mahesh effect.
> Knowing this, how could anyone take TM research seriously?

Quantum mechanics, Unified State and Consciousness...this was all,
as far as I could tell, analogy.

And I suppose analogy is fine when it comes to helping one
understand complex and abstract ideas, which Physics is full of. For
example, we've often heard the analogy of the two twins that leave
Earth at the same time in two separate spacecrafts, one travelling
at the speed of light and the other at a lesser speed and one comes
back older than the other.

But I could never tell where the line was with MMY: was this all
just an analogy or was it describing the reality?

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