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> > > You have to remember that here in the US film is just a cash
> > > for a select bunch of jerks.   They put out low common
> > > films that anyone with any taste would not waste their time
> > > even for free on HDTV.   Yet the lemming go to the film in
> > > even if the critics declare it a disaster.  I go to matinees
> > > to avoid crowds.
> >
> > B-b-b-but Barry says people here are *afraid* to go
> > to the movies!  I mean, he's quite sure of that; it's
> > so obvious he can see it all the way from France.
> Well, that should teach me not to treat Judy as
> if she were a grownup.  :-)
> Seriously, Judy, if you'd like to learn something
> for a change, why don't you do what I do and read
> the movie trade papers? There is an article almost
> every week about declining movie attendance,
> percentagewise per population, with one of the
> primary reasons given being a reluctance of
> audiences to go out at night, especially to movie
> houses that aren't in safe, well-lit shopping
> malls.

Yet you cited an example of people avoiding a
well-lit shopping mall in L.A. as evidence for
your "fear" thesis.

As I remember from a recent article, a
> huge percentage of city-center movie houses have
> folded in the last decade, and the primary reason
> given for it was *not* competition from videos
> (because there was no such mass failure among
> suburban theaters) but fear of crime in the
> city centers.

As you apparently don't remember from my post,
I acknowledged that the U.S. has a problem with
high levels of violent crime, obviously in
particular in city centers.  That's never been
in dispute.

As you note, the suburban theaters are doing just
fine.  The problem is crime, not some pervasive
sense of fear, as you had originally suggested.

> That said, back into the Pissant Bin you go...

Pissant: Somebody who doesn't agree with Barry.

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