Excellent description!

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, bob_brigante <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> In the non-chart evaluation of yogic flying, I always like Nancy de 
> Herrera's account in her book "Beyond Gurus" (apparently reprinted 
> as "All you need is love" http://tinyurl.com/jhw7e ), p. 444-5:
> "Oh dear, I can't stop," Doris hopped past me; evidently the Vedic 
> sound triggered her. It was amazing.
> We repeated the program several times during the two hours. By the 
> end of the session, about one-fourth of the class was hopping up and 
> down. It was such a sideshow, I couldn't keep my attention within. I 
> was in no hurry. I'd promised Helen and my family, "I'm not moving 
> off this pad unless something pushes me. I am not going to get 
> carried away by group dynamics."
> The second day, Margareta shot up in the air and landed about three 
> feet in front of herself, then made another hop of the same 
> distance, and another. During the rest period, I whispered, "How did 
> it feel?"
> She was exuberant., "It's very strange. You feel so light and full 
> of energy. You just have to hop!"
> "But was it you who hopped, or did some force enter you?"
> "I don't know. When it happens again, maybe I'll be able to tell. 
> This time it was so unexpected." Her reserve had dropped, "Nancy, 
> this is fun!"
> ....
> It was on the fifth day that I got my wings. On other occasions when 
> repeating the sutra, I had experienced dizziness, a loss of 
> direction, and other unusual sensations, but no urge to rise up. 
> Now, into the five-minute period, I began to feel strange. My body 
> started to shake uncontrollably; it started in my bottom and worked 
> up to my head in spasms. Next came a real shock of Kundalini, a 
> shaft of heat shot up my spine, it was scary. I'd had some 
> experience with Kundalini in Rishikesh, but not like this. I thought 
> of stopping the repetition of the sutra, but no, Maharishi assured 
> us we'd be all right if we obeyed instructions. These thoughts 
> flickered through my mind as my head seemed to be held in a vice -- 
> the vice became tighter. Suddenly, it was as though someone reached 
> down and pulled me up into the air!
> I went up and down, and up and down -- not forward or sideways, just 
> up and down. What fun! It was so easy. My legs slipped out of the 
> lotus position; I went up about two feet in the air just touching 
> the pad with the outsides of my baby toes."

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