--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "curtisdeltablues" 
> "Again, it's clearly two different charts from two
> different studies, but as far as I can figure it
> makes zero difference to the discussion we were
> having about whether the charts were deceptive,
> which, as I've already noted, is irrelevant anyway."
> OK, that was interesting.  Now back to the point.  The blown up 
> chart makes it clear that the time of 10 minutes of flying is being 
> used. The claim was that it was the moment of liftoff that showed 
> maximum coherence.  So we know that the explanation that the 
> coherence was seen before liftoff doesn't work. But the claim 
> mentions liftoff so we know that they couldn't just be sitting 
> there saying the sutra without flying.

Curtis, GET A CLUE.

As I've pointed out several times now--including in
what you quote above--this is supremely IRRELEVANT.
The IMPORTANT claim is that the brain waves become
highly coherent during Yogic Flying practice.

Do you really, really think someone is going to take
the TM-Sidhis course because they mistakenly believe
coherence has been measured during hopping as well as
before liftoff, whereas they would not take it if they
thought coherence was measured only before liftoff?

> So all that is left is the 
> claim that they somehow scrubbed out all the hopping artifacts.  I 
> believe that they just pasted in a period of coherence and that the 
> whole chart is a fraud.  I am opened to being shown how I am wrong 
> about this.

And how would we be able to prove this negative,
Curtis?  (As a devotee of logic, you *do* know
about the impossibility of proving a negative,

> The funny thing to me is how long ago we knew about this error and
> that it is still being used.  

Maybe because it's so completely IRRELEVANT, Curtis.

You know, I was wrong.  The difference between the
two charts *is* important to those who believe the TMO
has committed a terrible sin of deception.

The one from the TM site--the one on the left--clearly
shows coherence *ending* after liftoff.  Perhaps *that*
is the one that's being used now.

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