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> > 
> > A gal I knew from another spiritual trip had an inter-
> > esting theory about this stuff. She felt that although 
> > there is a lot of variety among the spiritual seekers 
> > one finds in this world, basically you can pretty
> > safely "sort" them into two categories.
> > 
> > The first category is composed of the seekers who are 
> > content with reading about other people's adventures.
> > They get off on scriptures and tales of other people's
> > enlightenment, and on intellectual discussions of other
> > people's experiences, and that's enough for them.
> > 
> > The second category is composed of mystics, those who
> > will settle for nothing less than having their *own*
> > experiences. Reading about them isn't enough; talking
> > about them isn't enough; coming up with entertaining
> > (but essentially worthless) models to "explain" the
> > experiences isn't enough. They want the Real Thing,
> > and if the spiritual group or teacher they're assoc-
> > iated with isn't providing it, they move on to some-
> > thing that does.
> > 
> > I've always tended to agree with her assessment. In
> > general, the people in the first group say "Maharishi
> > says" (or "<Fill-in-name-of-teacher-or-historical-saint
> > here> says") a lot. Because they're not actually *having*
> > very many spiritual experiences, they assume that no one
> > else is either, and therefore they become dependent on
> > intellectual analysis of Other People's Experiences, 
> > especially those of their teacher, whom they *imagine*
> > is having all *sorts* of good experiences.
> Barry, there is no way you/we can know whether "...they're 
> not actually having very many spiritual experiences..." 

Of course there is. If you're part of the spiritual
group, and if the group (unlike TM) encourages its
members to freely discuss their experiences, all you
have to do is listen. :-)

> Who knows who "they" even are, how they would define 
> spirituality, what they were really looking for, how 
> their interpretations of their own growth in life 
> have changed, etc.

My feelings on this are colored by who I studied with.
The Rama guy, when I first ran into him, gave unmis-
takably clear instructions about the importance of 
having one's own experiences. His instruction to us
was, "If you are studying with me and go for longer
than a month without having at least one spiritual
experience that completely and totally changes your
life and rocks your world, it's time to move on." 

I stuck around for fourteen years.

Suffice it to say that the frequency of strong, clear,
unmistakable spiritual experiences is not the same in
all spiritual groups as it is in the TMO.

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