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> On Jul 15, 2006, at 2:09 PM, new.morning wrote:
> >>
> >> 
> >> This study attempted to follow up this finding and
> >> hypothesized that a group of neurotically disturbed patients
> >> would have a higher S value and a group of individuals who 
> >> practiced a calming technique such as transcendental meditation 
> >> (TM) would have a lower S value than normal subjects. The second 
> >> hypothesis was confirmed, but not the first, in that the 
> >> neurotically disturbed patients had the lowest mean values for S 
> >> of the three groups, rather than the highest.
> >
> > TM makes one more neurotically disturbed?
> >
> > Well this list may be living proof. :)
> Sad but interesting.

Interesting, but not, of course, the least bit sad.
Too bad, Vaj.

The results did not show that "TM makes one more
neurotically disturbed."  Rather, it showed that
depressed patients have a different response to CO2
than was hypothesized on the basis of previous
studies. (Note that the TMers' response was in
accord with the hypothesis.)

And especially not sad if you bother to read the
rest of the abstract:

"Particular characteristics of the sample of psychiatric patients 
cast doubt, however, on the validity of this finding. Three 
additional findings of this study were that anxious, depressive, and 
hyperventilating subject groups were no different from one another in 
terms of S values; that very experienced TM practitioners (sidhas) 
could significantly lower their ventilatory response to CO2 in the 
meditating state as compared to the nonmeditating alert state; and 
that the S value did not increase in two male subjects with 
endogenous depression after successful treatment with 
electroconvulsive therapy."

> I wonder, if by comparison "2nd generation TM techniques", like 
> the Sudarshan Kriya + Advanced TM technique meditation would have  
> different results or not.

Hands, please: How many think Vaj was genuinely
confused about the results of the study and really
believed it meant TM makes one more neurotically

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