--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Rick Archer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> on 8/4/06 9:17 AM, wayback71 at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > In my case, I heard rumors in the 70's and dismissed them.  But 
a few years
> > later began to 
> > wonder as more information appeared.  I pretty much decided to 
keep on with
> > the Faith, 
> > partly because I had so much invested already.  Now, I do think 
the rumors are
> > tue, but I 
> > still love MMY and his teachings and have benefitted so greatly 
from it all.
> > I can't really 
> > judge his actions, although it makes me uncomfortable and I 
wouod prefer to
> > have a 
> > snowy white teacher. Not sure that is possible on earth and in 
Kali Yuga. The
> > Universe 
> > seems to contain much that I don't really understand, so I just 
continue what
> > feels good 
> > and right, and for now that includes TM, love for Guru Dev and 
respect for
> > MMY, despite 
> > the garbage. and as Dr. Pete suggested, I watch my wallet around 
the TMO.
> > Older and 
> > wiser, I guess.
> >> >
> I can concur with most of that, although I no longer have the bond 
> MMY/GD that you seem to. I don¹t feel I was deprived or betrayed. 
I think
> the reason I often dwell on the topic is that I like conundrums, 
and it¹s a
> big one. It raises a lot of questions that are challenging to 
answer, if
> they can be answered. Also, I think it helps people take MMY with 
a grain of
> salt ­ to take what they need and leave the rest. There are people 
in FF who
> won¹t go to the theater because it has a south entrance. (And 
that¹s a shame
> because Al Gore¹s movie starts there tonight.) It might be healthy 
for these
> people to become more independent in their thinking.
perhaps they could walk in backwards?

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