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One of the first indications that all was not cool in the Emerald City

was when I was still flying and a chiropractor took my back X-rays

after I had thrown my back out.  He said " So how long have you been

jogging?"  I explained to him how I was practicing flying and he

explained to me the implications on my vertebrae by sitting in full

lotus and bouncing on my butt, even on foam.  He showed me how that

posture  actually takes you butt cheeks away from protecting the spine

during flying so that I was  compressing my discs. It was very

visible, my bottom discs were compressed like a marathon runners.  He

tried to explain the implications of my behavior but, of course, I was

too enlightened for his advise at the time.  I don't know if discs can

recover from such a stress but my back is great these days from all

the core training workouts I do so I can't assess if I sustained any

long term damage.  What was interesting for me was that I saw my

compressed discs at the time and still continued to practice flying

until I got out of the mindset that I was doing cosmic good for

myself.  I remember the sickening feeling that perhaps MMY and his

crew did not understand the implications of his program on people's

backs and I might have set myself up for a very painful old age.  

Exactly my experience too. 

Really has a lot to do with not knowing what you're doing and using people as guinea pigs.

In traditional yogic flying, the entire first stage is from a standing, bent-knee position and done as a step/jump kinda thing. Instead of injuring one, it builds strength, stamina and numeorus yogic benefits.

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